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Thursday, February 20, 2003:


Yes, that's right. I was walking back from class this morning, minding my own business, and suddenly came to a halt about two feet from the trunk of a tree. There at the base of the trunk was a very large, orange, and fluffy member of the Squirrel species, staring a challenge at me with his beady eyes. After a few moments of staring, I grew emboldened and edged a little closer. The squirrel edged up the tree until he was about eye level with me and our noses were about a foot apart. At this point it was getting pretty intense, and the squirrel kept making little body motions, as if to say "Bring it!", but since I utterly failed to 'bring it' I think it was confused. After a few minutes of this, it edged up to the branch I was standing under, never breaking eye contact. For a moment, I wondered if it was going to jump on me, but I decided to risk it. Just as I was beginning to grow bored, the squirrel also grew bored, scratched itself, and got on with its squirrel business, and I continued on my way.

What an odd morning....


Supreme Mongoose // 8:27 AM


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