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Monday, February 24, 2003:

Ice (and snow) Escapades

Ok... This is probably the dumbest thing I have done since I've been here at BGSU in Ohio. It definitely showed what an out of stater I was....

Saturday night/Sunday Morning, at about 2:30am I was bored, and decided to take out my trash. What I completely failed to take into consideration (forgot actually-yes I forgot it was snowing, cold etc. I really did.) was that it had been snowing all day, and there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground. I was wearing my fuzzy slippers and just comfy clothes, nothing terribly warm. So I go down to take out my trash, which involves going into a tunnel to get around to the other side of the quad, and going out a side door where the dumpsters are. So I open the side door, and my first thought was "shiiit it's cold and there's a freaking huge snow drift out here!" so I brave it and go out the door, and throw the bag of trash in the dumpster. I'm freezing and my slippers are full of snow. So I go back to the door and (using my PED on the box (personal Electronic device) that would normally let me in, I just hear it beep and flash red. Second thought: "fuck, this door must lock after midnight!!" so I'm looking around for the closest building entrance and spot the Darrow lobby doors, but the only way to get to them is to hop up on the side wall and go behind a row of bushes. so I do that, and by now I am freezing and my slippers are loaded with snow, so my feet are numb. I get to the end of the bushes to see a 5 foot drop into the other stairwell. Third thought: "shit. " so I edge along the wall to where I can hop off, thinking: "please don't let me fall..." so I get to the Darrow entrance, and theres like, a 3 foot snow drift holding the door open. So I wade through that into the entry and shake the 3 inches of snow out of my slippers. By this time the desk staff noticed me, and let me in, laughing hysterically. Hell, I was laughing. It was pretty damn funny. Then I went back down to the tunnel and back to Batchelder, where I live. It took me an hour to thaw out and I felt like an ass, but hey. You'll have that sort of thing.
Moral of the story: Don't take out your freaking trash at 2:30am. It can wait.

Don't Freeze....

Supreme Mongoose // 2:57 PM


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