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Monday, February 10, 2003:

*Insert long, mindless rant/diatribe about the stupidity and pointlessness of concert band rehearsal tonight and certain TA's here*

Ok. Now that that's over with, on to the fun stuff. *oooh! Ahhh!* Despite being generally bad at piano, I am actually starting to improve! wow! but in order to reach the next level I hafta trim my fingernails even shorter...yar. Um. It smells like coffee. A lot. And I am just rambling, since other than the fact, THAT IT SNOWED AGAIN TODAY (It's farking February!! It shouldn't be snowing! It's bloody spring!) Yeah, Yeah I know, it's OHIIIO, and February is Wiiiinter here. But Damnit it at home the daffodils have been blooming since late December, and this snow junk takes some getting used to, since I come from the land of no snow. EEE! anyhow, other than that, life is decent, seeing as I am alive and all. Oh hey, added bonus, my first class tomorrow is at 2:30pm...too bad it's CONCERT BAND. Grrr. Ok I'm spent now.


Supreme Mongoose // 8:07 PM


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