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Saturday, February 08, 2003:

Ok, RANT TIME! >:( This really pissed in my cheerios if you know what I mean!!

If there is one thing that really drives me up the wall, it's people treating others like crap, while that person still expects to be treated well. The person I am ranting about will probably never read this, and they may not even recognize their out of line behavior, but I have decided a confrontation is not worth it, and I think this is the healthiest way to get this out of my system without exploding in an angry rage at the person. This person ruined a perfectly good evening, by going off the handle at something really stupid that they would probably expect others to tolerate of them. I understand wanting do things your own way, but when two people happen to glance at their respective timepieces while someone is reading a gamecard, and taking their time, and the person reading blows up and leaves because of it, when this person is consistently rude and inconsiderate of others?? This person is very headstrong, but needs to learn some bloody tact. I expect they were just tired of the game, as it was getting late, but really, all that is necessary to do is to excuse yourself, and stop playing, suggest something else, or leave. Not storm off in a huff and blame your leaving on others, thus making a rather nasty end to a fun night. This person expects others to put up with this sort of behavior, yet would never accept it from others. The group seems resigned to this persons behavior, but I feel this person is taking things for granted. They are assuming these people will want to continue to interact with them, even after being unapologetically, and unecessarily rude. The environment was one of friends, and the game a silly one. No offense should have been taken by this individual, and I feel their blowing up was way out of line. There. I said it, and I feel better. I don't think it's worth fighting with the person, because they do have plenty of redeeming qualities, and it is someone I would like to get to know better, but I cannot believe the inexcusability of their controlling and rude behavior hasn't been brought to their attention at SOME POINT in their life. Seeing as I have only known this person for a few weeks, I don't feel comfortable approaching them about the subject.

Anywhoo, on to new and exciting things!
I found a beeeyoootiful website with lots of gorgeous car pictures-
Velocity Journal. You see, I looove to draw cars. As far as drawing realistically, cars are about all I can do. I'm currently working on a 1962 Corvair Greenbriar Van
but my favorite car ever remains the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, except my fave colors are blue, with white and LOTS of chrome ;)

I love old cars!

Oh yeah I'm going to go add a quotes section to my web page now, so check it out and add your own fave quotes!


Supreme Mongoose // 11:12 PM


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