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Friday, February 07, 2003:

Um yes...I realize it has now been almost an entire year since I posted on this beast, but seeing as no one reads it anyway, the loss is relatively minimal. Um so... Just a quick update so I know where I'm at temporaly (that means in time, no it's not a typo), It's now the second half of my sophomore year here at BGSU, and god, or whatever it likes to be called, only knows how long I'm going to be going to school here...although I'm hoping for 4 1/2 to 5 years max...hopefully taking 21 bloody credit hours this semester will help with that particular goal. Um. Oh and it's really cold here. It's not supposed to even get above FREEZING all this week!! Being from a small coastal town, that's a bit shocking (my optimal temp range is 45-85 degrees...) yes I know you are all laughing at me, but damnit I always thought January was spring! Ah well. My delusions on the subjact have definitely faded into nothing but shivering, and my mom incessantly calling to tell me about how it's "70 degrees at home, and my aren't the daffodils lovely." All I have to say to that is: "bah"' and, "I hate long Johns". That being said, I really am going to try to update this in a regular fashion (don't all fall over laughing at once...) anywhoo, I will now take ramblings elsewhere, so Ciao, tata, and on a lighter note,


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