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Sunday, November 09, 2003:

I have just had one of the best weekends ever!

On Friday I got to hung out with Craig for a bit, went to Meijer with Jen, Kristin, and Craig, then we all hung out in Jen and Kristins room where Craig and I played mucho rounds of this
mini-rc track racing game- I whupped him right out of his dignity (beat him 3 times in a row!!) but then he finally came back and designed a killer racetrack and beat me 3 times in a row so we declared a truce. Then Craig and I left around 3am and went back to his room and hung out for two more hours. Quality!

On Saturday I went over to Pauls room for dinner and helped him eat some homemade fudge. Then we went over to his friend Amys Apt. and played dominoes.

On Sunday Patricks mom took Patrick, Sami and I out to lunch at Easy Street. We got to supplement our diets with some non-Sundial food and have some quality conversation as an added bonus. I love you Patricks mom! :D

Now however- it still being Sunday- I hafta get cracking and study for my mineralogy exam on Monday...


Supreme Mongoose // 1:16 PM


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