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Monday, November 03, 2003:

I just had a really weird dream. Here it is...because I can't stop thinking about the cows.

... Pictures of a structure full of frozen cows hanging from the ceiling, more cows, looking totally life-like but frozen in place suspended from the ceiling of a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge barn at a far distance w/ropes. A promotional college photo of people w/a large native american man with an angry scowl striding through it, he has really long hair. I wonder for a moment if that would count as a mullet, but then I decide no, because native americans can't have mullets.
They want to know who methyl-froze the cows. The tribes are angry because someone methyl-froze and suspended their cows from the ceiling. So an agency is doing special biological action testing of suspects to figure out who did it. Most of them behave normally in the bubble, but this one guy is super twitchy and nervous. he's blond with glasses.
They are at his house in big vans, and so am I, inside the front door of the mans house with the angry indian from the picture who has a big knife and an agent. we are near the kitchen where the man is. The agent tells us (and no one is actually talking) that he found a pair of tweezers outside and knows it was him. he wants to interrogate the man about the cows and tweezers but doesn't know how. The indian gets angry and wants to go handle it. I try to stop him and he holds the knife to my neck, then I have the knife and I'm handing it to him. he goes in the kitchen. The agent says we have FBI backup behind the door and disappears, which I don't find unusual. I look down, and in the light from the kitchen I see a folk painting of a little girl, maybe of indian descent. I get scared all alone and run outside. just then I hear a wet scream. I hide in a bush by the house and the man comes out, choking. I ask him what happened and he said "They gave me the newest thing." I thought of dirt, then I woke up.

I'm pretty sure I've dreamed about hiding outside that house before...or maybe I just dreamed I dreamed it.


Supreme Mongoose // 8:07 AM


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