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Wednesday, November 05, 2003:

I scheduled for classes yesterday...

Trying to plan my schedule for next semester was the crappiest thing ever. I had quite a few classes that I needed to take for both of my majors- all but one of which were only offered in one section that conflicted with at least two other classes. So I took what I desperately needed from each group and I'm taking art for shits and giggles.

Schedule I needed:
Theory 4
A. Skills 3
Concert Band
Tuba Ensemble

Schedule I got:
Theory 4

argh. well, at least I don't have to deal with band auditions...or a.skills...or anything. Theory 4 and sed/strat will keep me on my toes, but other than that it should be a cake, GPA raising semester. w00t.

This semester has been pretty hardcore bad as far as classes and workload go.

This week alone:

Tuesday: Mineralogy: lab due, lab practical (be able to ID 41 minerals on sight and know chemical composition and economic use)

Wednesday:Sonata form analysis due

Thursday:Theory transcription due

Friday: Mineralogy problem set due

coming monday: Mineralogy test...

coming thursday: genetics test...

urk. It's like the never-ending wave of tests and assignments and classes. oh my.

I'm keeping my head above the water, but it's rough. Next semester is starting to look better all the time.

Take me home Jeeves...

Supreme Mongoose // 1:25 PM


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