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Saturday, November 01, 2003:

On thursday, per his request, I cut my friends hair into a rather convincing nascar like mullet. Today, also per his request, I cut it off, and it actually looks pretty decent.

now I know what profession I can fall back on....hairstylist!

hair adventures aside, I hung out with Craig last night and was exposed to even more new music, as well as getting to know him a bit better, so that was fun.

I wound up going to bed at 4:45am or so and woke up at 4pm today which was kind of a surprise, as I was expecting to wake up around 2 or so.

as for halloween ( and I hope you all had a lovely one) I kinda got to have two halloweens this month :-D for the first get together I went as magenta/a maid, and for actual halloween (yesterday) I got inspired last minute and went as a frozen rose. my friend kim was with me and we dressed her up as one of her favorite cartoon/anime characters, WItch hunter Robin. she needed to have her hair in knobs sticking out from her head, so after a few aborted efforts we wound up putting a coathanger in her hair (after bending it a bit) and that worked out quite well. I'll post some choice photos later.

look! I updated twice in a row!


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