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Thursday, November 27, 2003:

Thanksgiving Break Day 2

8:00am: Awoken by James jumping on me and announcing loudly in my face, “Get up, get up it’s time to PLAY!!”. I try to go back to sleep but my efforts are thwarted by more jumping and yelling until I decide to get up. On the Hammie front, the score is:
Hammie: 1 , and Me: 1 , as I figured out how to unhook his wheel last night around 1am…

The Thanksgiving preparations started to commence around noon, so I helped with arty place-settings, cutting up potatoes, and general clean-up. My uncle Richard likes to go: ikaseglifglidsvg while I’m trying to type this…how kind… :p

The food smells really good, and it’s nice to be around family again. ^_^

4:16pm: whoo…everyone is stuffed full of good food…me included ^_^ Here are the highlights of dinner/after dinner, in convenient sound-bytes.

James says the Thanksgiving prayer:
“Dear Lord. Thank you for food and all of my stuff. *pause * And houses, and water. Amen”

Mid-dinner: James: “I have a joke! A Thanksgiving joke! Why did the Turkey do a karate kick? *pause * So it could get shot in the stomach!” *everyone looks confused, and laughs good naturedly * I think it would have made more sense if we were all 5 yrs old, but it was still funny…

Hannah: “Lets go stay in Jon’s cabins tonight! I hear they might be haunted!”
Me: “nahhhh, I think I’d rather stay here.”
Hannah: “ Whyyy?”
Me: “Ummmmmmmmm…I’m afraid of the dark??”


James: “Hannah tried to trick me!!!”
Uncle John: “Life lesson number 1 James: Never trust girls.”
*James grabs a walking stick *
Alex: “That’s right- grab the biggest stick to chase them with.”

Ahhhh, good times.

4:30-5pm: Most of us kid types are all tuckered out, so we crash for the obligatory post dinner nap. I’m again awakened by James peering into my face and pulling at my hair experimentally.

5pm: Time to calm down the wee ones- Aunt Jean breaks up the 4-way ninja sword battle (me, James, Jon, and Alex) to announce that it’s time to “QUIETLY WATCH A MOVIE!” Treasure Planet commences, but no one takes much notice.

5:15pm: The aunts and uncles start cleaning up dinner and having champagne, while we pretend to be interested in treasure planet so we won’t hafta help out…^_~

6:56pm: I’m going to post this to the blog now so I can head out to Jon’s cabins with some of my cousins and one of my aunts. I was swayed to go stay there because I relish the prospect of getting my own bedroom…^_~ also minus Hammie, an added bonus.

To Be Continued!!

Supreme Mongoose // 5:08 PM


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