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Saturday, November 29, 2003:

Thanksgiving Break Day 4

9ish: Went to work at Aunt Jeans coffee shop (Java Jeans) for a few hours and made $33! Woo! I had a good time running the cash register and making drinks.

2:00-7:00pm: I get the house to myself for a bit…ahhhhh peace ^_^ Soooo niiiiice…^_~

7:00pm: Jon and Aunt Jean get home and Jon makes us dinner. Yay! Then we played with Jons dog Moppet, who has a deathly fear of baskets…so when one fell off the shelf and hit her in the bum, it was pretty funny ^_^

9:30pm: It’s been a very pleasant day…I fly out tomorrow at 10:55am, so I’ll see ya all Sunday night!

Stop by again sometime!

Supreme Mongoose // 7:35 PM


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