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Sunday, November 30, 2003:

Thanksgiving Break-The End

6:30am got up and got ready to leave Galena and fly back to Ohiiiiio

9:30am: got to the airport and found out they had oversold my flight. The airline puts me in a cab which takes me to chicago (where I would have been flying to that morning) It takes 2 and a half hours instead of a 45m flight, but by some huge act of foresight, I had a 3 hour layover in Chicago. So I got a free round-trip (anywhere in the 48 states) ticket and still caught my connecting flight. Booyah!

6pm: arrive in Toledo and go out to dinner with Kat and Rob. Yay!!

8:00pm: dorm, sweet dorm...wooooooooo so much to do....


Supreme Mongoose // 5:19 PM


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