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Wednesday, November 26, 2003:

This year, I’m spending my thanksgiving break with my moms’ family in Illinois. I’ll be chronicling my adventures for the next 5 days, so don’t forget to tune in folks. ^_~

Thanksgiving Break, Day 1

6:30am: Woke up at Kats (got a ride up last night) and prepared to head to the Toledo airport. Decide that the air mattress is way better than sleeping on the loveseat like I did for fall break. Ah, it’s a whole new world when you wake up and you still have blood flow to your knees…

7:30am: Arrived at the airport and checked in at the ATA counter. This is the first time I’ve ever flown on ATA, so I was curious to see how it would compare to United Express, the usual service I fly on when it comes to commuter/propeller planes. It wasn’t much different, except for that the planes were made by Saab, and for some reason in the case of an emergency you’d have to hook up your oxygen mask yourself, as they were stowed under the aisle seats only. Hmmm.

9/9:30am: Got on the shuttle out to my plane. Overheard a seriously bored 10 year old investigating the floor of the shuttle, which had sand paper stuff attached to it for traction. He immediately turned to his mom and said :”MOM!!! Look at the floor! *shakes his head * What a waste of Grip Tape!!” (grip tape is that stuff on skateboard decks) I immediately crack up, reminded of my friends that skateboard. Boarded flight number one and headed for Chicago/Midway, about 45 minutes of total airtime. Read most of the Princess Bride, on loan courtesy of Kat. Was mesmerized by the propeller and had an entire row of seats to myself. Score.

9:00am: remember- I’m in a new time zone now, so I got an hour back… w00t! However, I got to enjoy three hours at the commuter end of the airport. Notsow00t. So I finished the Princess Bride and read some stuff stored on my computer. Pondered the vibration effect of 45 minutes in a propeller plane on one’s brain.

12:00pm: Wandered back down to commuter land and got back on the plane- same seat and everything. Started book number two (Guilty Shoes) and was again, mesmerized by the propeller, which eventually culminated in my sleeping through the beverage service. Recalling that the “orange juice” on the last flight hadn’t been that great, I decided that I didn’t regret the nap.

12:45: Landed in Madison, WI, where I was met by my Aunt Jean and her friend Jon. Expected to have a bit of a wait but my suitcase was the third one to come off the belt. Score.

1:00pm-3:30: Hop in the car and ride to Galena. My aunt calls my mom and tells her she’s kidnapped me and I’m not coming back. Stop on the way to pick up ham to feed 15 people. Oh, the wonders of thanksgiving.

3:45ish: Arrive in Galena and check out my aunts new house. Promptly get on the internet to let Ash know I’ve arrived safe. Discover that AIMExpress sucks. A lot.

4:30: Ex-Uncle Bill comes over to take James (my 5 yr old cousin) to the playground. I can’t resist a good playground jaunt, so I go along. (I think I would have been forcefully removed if I hadn’t agreed). Spent a good hour chasing James around the park. Managed to catch him a few times, but even when I had him in the air upside down, he refused to admit that I had actually caught him. It was a total blast running like a nut in the crisp fall air through huge piles of leaves and very strange playground equipment. There was also a skate park attached, so we all ran up and down the ramps like an obstacle course. I highly recommend it- it’s more fun than you’d think!!

5:30: Get back to the house. Get online again for the aforementioned reason. AIMExpress proves it’s suckiness again as I’m telling Ash goodnight. Bah. Sorry about that.

6:00: have random food with everyone and sorta watch Sinbad. Aunt hears that my other relatives are a bit lost and goes to rescue them. In the meantime I convince James to introduce me to his Hamster, which is named Hammie. I had hamsters back in the day, so I pointed out the reason Hammie seemed to like me better was because I didn’t squeeze him so tight his eyes bulged. Ancient wisdom right there. However, James squeezed Hammie while he was on me, so Hammie decided to pee on my arm. This is why I no longer have hamsters- they’re psychotic.

7:30: wee cousins ahoy! I have since washed off Hammies’ christening, and greet more people that I haven’t seen in over a year. Word.

8:00: I decide to put all of the above in my blog, in recollection of a request. We’re now waiting for the last of the crew to arrive, around 11pm. The wee cousins are getting fussy, especially James. He’s convinced that one of the dogs “doesn’t love him anymore” because it runs away when he chases it. Oh, to be 5 again.

8:13pm: Time to rejoin the zoo…I’ll add as the night goes on.

9:00pm: We find out that the last of the cousins (the ones that are actually my age, woo!) will be here around 11pm. Awwww.

10:00pm: everyone has gone to bed, except me and Uncle John, as we’re watching old school James Bond movies. Gotta love Sean Connery…

10:45pm: Uncle John gives up and goes to bed. I soldier on as I haven’t seen my cousins in a few years, and I’m still enjoying the bond-fest.

11ish: Cousins arrive, we eat belated birthday cake, hang out a bit and they go to bed.

12am: I’m writing this last entry and firing off some e-mails so I won’t look like a slave to the computer tomorrow.

P.S. Turns out due to new sleeping arrangements, I get the giant couch. This would be a score, except I can hear mad Hammie, spinning in his wheel…all…night. If he keeps me up I’m going to vote that he get demoted to the basement…

Don’t forget to check for tomorrow’s doings, same bat time, same bat channel.

Over and out.

Supreme Mongoose // 10:14 PM


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