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Friday, December 26, 2003:


Okay. Mega -rant time. >_< So I go with some friends over to Medford today to do a little shopping...we left at 7am (after having gone to bed at 2:30am) and got to Medford around 11am. Then Adrian locks his keys in the car. so we get a locksmith, he pays, no worries. We're then walking around the mall/clothes shopping for Adrian until...3ish. So we're all a bit tired, get back in the car, drive home. We get home at 6pm, which is the time I told my parents I would be home- I also told them I DIDN'T HAVE A HOUSE KEY. They said "Oh, someone will be home", etc. Adrian drops me off- there are some lights on and the truck is in the driveway, though my moms car is gone. So I go to the door (by this time Adrian is gone taking Star home) and I see a note..."Jane, we went out to eat at Lee's and then we're going to a movie at 7pm" There was no key out. So of course I'm pretty pissed, and there's no way in hell I'm going to stay at the house and wait outside for 4 and a half hours. So I cuss a bit, search around for the key, and kick the front door a few times out of spite. By this time I had quite a bit of adrenaline from being so mad, and I know there's no choice but to walk to Adrians- 1.5-2miles away. Conveniently the restaurant my parents were at is across the street from his house. So I storm the 2 miles into town and run into Adrian as he's pulling back into his driveway. I opened his car door and vented a bit, then went across into the restaurant and quietly told my parents what had happened. They acted all idiotic about it..."Oh, we thought Adrian would wait," and "well, we didn't have a choice". Argh. and my mom didn't even have her housekey- it was in the house and I could've just damn well taken it this morning then!! So they wouldn't give me a key, so I came back to Adrians and flopped, realizing that my legs were shaking from being so tired and pissed off. So I'm flopped, seething with anger still (I was so mad that the walk didn't affect me much at all- I wasn't out of breath, nor did I even break a sweat, and I had still managed to beat Adrian back to his own house!) Then Adrians one legged chain smoking insane grandmother (whom he lives with/cares for) decides to pick a huge fight with him. So they're screaming at each other and she was practically hallucinating about all kinds of stuff, and that just added to the fun. So he came back to his room where I was flopped and was of course super upset, so we got through that by hugs and making him model his new clothes. Now I'm here hanging out and starting to feel a bit better, but I needed to get that out of my system.

It hasn't been all bad of course- last night was fun- I randomly rode along with Adrian and his grandma to drop his mom off in Crescent City, and she gave us him his step sisters rabbit (it needed rescued b/c she was torturing it-she's too young to be much good with pets.) So we brought the bunny back to his grandmas where it's now happily living in the basement- and called our friend Melissa who has been dying to have a bunny (but if she had one it would have to stay here lol (she's his neighbor)) So we told her we had a present for her and she had to come see- she was thrilled! The rabbit is really cute- it's albino but with pink eyes rather than the deep red, and seems happier here. ^_^

But I'm still pissed. ARGH!!! >_<

Supreme Mongoose // 8:08 PM


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