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Thursday, December 04, 2003:

BGSU vs Miami Football, Round 2 for the Mac championship...

My usually quiet walk over to genetics tonight was nuts- rabid football fans were streaming the opposite way towards the stadium (the game was due to start about an hour into my class, 7pm) screaming "GO BG" at everyone, including me. It was pretty funny, but the best part of all of it was (and I had NO idea) that our genetics teacher is also a rabid BG football fan!! so we got out of class 30minutes early! TOUCHDOWN!! I also happened to catch the shuttle on my way back to the dorms, and it too was packed with rabid fans screaming "GO BGSU!! B G S U!!!" and banging their thundersticks together, which is damn near deafening in the tiny shuttle...but their enthusiasm was so infectious I couldn't help but grin. ^_^ Ah, thankyou football for saving me from 30 minutes of torture!!!

Ok, I'm going to go have a quick bite to eat (haven't eaten all day) and then it's off to World Percussion night (I love world perc night!!!) Good luck to Kimmy, and Rob, and everyone else performing! :D


Supreme Mongoose // 4:16 PM


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