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Thursday, December 25, 2003:

Christmas at my house goes something like this (and this year was no exception): At the crack of dawn my little brother (he’s not so little anymore-he’s 17) comes running into my room and starts yelling at me to “get up Jane it’s time to get up get up GET UP!!!” , at which point I roll over to go back to sleep, then remember it’s Christmas. So I go downstairs in the wake of my brother to find that in his excitement, not only has he taken all his presents from under the tree and arranged them in a stack, he has also dumped MY stocking-(he was wondering about the nail polish...). So we swapped stockings and he ran and woke up my parents (this is about 7am- I told you we started early!) and they eventually came out into the living room after some extra prompting. Then we all opened our presents and produced the usual mountain of shredded gift wrap. My mom really liked the pine chest my dad and I made for her, and my little bro got this thing that shoots these gusts of air from my parents- we had a lot of fun “shooting” each other with it- it packs a pretty solid ‘whooosh’. I also bought my bro a 2 pack of old school Bruce Lee movies on DVD- 4 quality films ^_~ he and I both have a soft spot for old martial arts flicks...hehehe...I think we’re going to watch them on his laptop later. Post-present opening my mom made breakfast –sparkling cider, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and sausage- mmmmm! After breakfast, when some of the excitement has worn off a little everyone usually crashes and goes back to sleep- my mom barely lasted until 9:30, and my brother is stretched out on the couch. I’m in bed right now as I’m typing this (10ish) so I can slap it into the blog later. My dad is the only one that doesn’t usually go back to sleep- I think he’s out in the garage working on something. Then if today stays true to the usual trend, my mom will make dinner (with some assistance from those of us that are awake) and we’ll eat around 5pm. Then there will be more playing with our new toys, followed by more napping, followed by staying up too late from all the napping, and everyone getting up in the afternoon tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Supreme Mongoose // 11:08 AM


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