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Tuesday, December 23, 2003:

The Christmas tree hunting was successful- my dad and I drove up into the mountains a little ways and managed to find a nice pine. The house finally smells like Christmas! yayyy!
In other news, my suitcase is still AWOL. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* I want it back!! It has all my stuff in it! I reeeaaalllly don’t want to go another day without it...

Tonight I went out and watched The Return of the King (LotR 3), it was pretty good. The theater had the volume up so loud though that you had to plug your ears during some bits. Then I hung out at a friends for a bit and came back here (hence this entry being posted at 3am-ish). It’s weird to drive after not having driven for 4 or 5months- but I missed driving the Beast (our suburban) around, and it was nice to hear that V8 rumble. *grin*

Anyhow, I know I’m rambling- 3am blog posts are never straightforward. I’m just goofing off ‘til I get tired and zonk out.

Wow. This is the most disjointed post ever. Probably has something to do with the internet disconnecting every 5 minutes. Damn you Dial-Up!

Over and Out.

Supreme Mongoose // 2:49 AM


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