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Sunday, December 21, 2003:

Ocean, Ocean, Ocean!!!

Well, I'm back on the West coast as of an hour ago, fresh off a day of hellish flight scheduling. My first flight from Dayton to Chicago boarded right on time , taxi'd down the runway, and...then we sat for 45 minutes b/c we couldn't take off "according to the computers in Washington that figure that stuff out." yes, that was the reason given, verbatim. Then we finally take off an land in Chicago...where we have to wait in the plane for 15 more minutes b/c someone else is at our gate. At this point it's noon, and I'm sure I've missed my connecting flight that was due to leave at noon. But we finally disembark and I run to that gate to find the plane has been delayed b/c the pilots have not yet arrived. So I had a 10minute wait, then boarded that plane for a 4 and a half hour flight to San Francisco, where we arrive just in time for me to run to the commuter gate, catch the shuttle, and board the plane to Crescent City. 1 hour and 15 minutes later I get to Crescent City to learn that my baggage is...still in Chicago. *sigh*

However, I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to be home, and flying in to Crescent City was gorgeous as usual- you land just past the beach so you come in over the ocean. It's like landing on an island. I also ran into a bunch of people I kind of knew on my flights- a kid that I had been on a rafting trip with years ago, a friends dad, whom I sat next to on the way to Crescent City- we talked about surfing and land development...and someone elses mom, as well as a girl that was a friend of a friend. weird.

I'm now readjusting to the wonders of 56K internet, but it's sooooooo goooooood to be home!! My family, My friends, the beach- when we flew in over the ocean, I was soooo happy- I've missed it terribly.

Anyhow, I'm going to go try and stay awake so I don't get too much jetlag. I've got 3 hours of my life back!! wooohooooo!!!!!

Ta for now!!

Supreme Mongoose // 7:18 PM


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