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Wednesday, December 17, 2003:

*sigh of relief*

Now that Tuesday is behind me, I feel so much better.

Finals Update:

Sight Singing Final: Done. Got a B. Woo!!
Dictation Final: Done. *laughs derisively* when the class average for the past exams is 55%....hahahaha
Jury: Done. Went about as well as it could have.
Genetics: Done. Bombed that baby.
Mineralogy: Done. Performed passably.
Theory: Tomorrow at 10:45am. wooooo.

The worst is behind me and the semester is almost done!!

I'm really excited to go home for Christmas break, seeing as I haven't been there in months. Back to the beach, the sun, the mountains...yay! My Grandma and one of my cousins were supposed to visit us this christmas, but they both came down with illnesses and can't come :( Ah well, perhaps we'll see them over spring or summer break...

I can really only think of one negative thing about break, and that's that I'll be further apart from Ash time difference wise...that's gonna be weird. But other than that, it'll be a much needed time during which I can recuperate from the semester from hell.

Over and Out.

Supreme Mongoose // 4:34 PM


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