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Monday, December 08, 2003:

Why do I have to be sick?

You'd think, after attending school here for 2 and a half years, that my immune system would have adjusted to this whole "seasons" thing, but no.

Yet again it's officially winter in BG, and yet again, I'm very, very sick. It started this morning with a scratchy throat and a funky cough, and by mid-afternoon turned into a sore, burning throat and a nasty chest cold, complete with itchy eustachian tubes. Then this evening I started getting chills, alternating with flushes of being waaay too hot. Then to add insult to injury, my sinuses are now plugged, and I'm feeling worse than ever. On top of that it's been a hideous Monday- way too many projects, labs, and general issues. At this point I've ceased to give much of a fuck about a lot of my classes, as I'm utterly exhausted and worn down to the point that I'm just running on empty out of spite. To make matters worse, I have a lab due tomorrow and a test over the visual identification of 30 or 40 silicate minerals. Then Thursday I have a transcription due and a Sight Singing test...plus I need a new piano player for juries which are next Tuesday or Wednesday. And finals are next week...

I thought this week would be less insane than last week, but it's getting off to an awfully nasty start.


Supreme Mongoose // 7:03 PM


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