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Thursday, December 04, 2003:

World Percussion Night!!


Ahhhhh, I love World Perc Night!!!!!

First off was the Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan, and the music was beautiful. I love how eerie it sounds, and just looking at the beautifully gilded and enameled gongs and instruments, and imagining what their original settings must have been...

Next up was a Korean Drum dance, which was absolutely beautiful. There were 7 dancers each assigned to a drum hanging on an ornate stand. They danced as they were drumming, and the movement with the rhythm was just amazing!! They were accompanied by 3 other seated drummers using gorgeously turned wooden drums. ahhhh eye candy!

Then there was Cuban bongo drumming during the intermission which was followed by the:


They did a fabulous job- the sheer joy from the dancers was overpowering. I left the concert with uplifted spirits and a huge smile on my face. ^_^

Congratulations to everyone who danced and played tonight- Kimmy, Rob, and Jeff to name a few...WOOHOO!!!!

ah, I feel so good!!

Supreme Mongoose // 6:24 PM


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