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Tuesday, January 13, 2004:

Art class today was interesting- we did the “go around the room and introduce yourself “ bit, which I have come to dread since starting school here.
Teacher: “Tell your name, where you’re from, your major, and why you’re taking this course”.
For me, two of those questions are loaded. Everyone else in the class was from some nearby Ohio city, and most had a major somewhat related to art. Not I.

“My name is Jane Darbyshire, I’m from Brookings, Oregon, and my majors are Tuba Performance and Paleobiology” is as far as I got. The entire class (all 30 some people) was giving me the “are you out of your mind!?” look by that time (I know that look very well now), and the teacher started riddling me with questions: “why did you come ALL THE WAY out here? your majors are what? say that again? why are you in this class?”

Did I mention I hate class introductions? So I finally get through explaining why I’m here “It’s one of the only schools in the US w/paleobiology as an undergrad degree, there’s an excellent music program here”, and explaining why I’m taking the class “I love art, took it all through high school, etc.” and the whole class is still staring at me with a unified look of total incomprehension.
Teacher: “what’s paleobiology?” So I explain that...argghh. It’s like being interrogated.

Granted I’m from literally the other side of the US, I’m double majoring in two completely unrelated majors, and I happen to be sitting in an art class, but dammit, that doesn’t mean I’m insane.

At least I hope it doesn’t.

Supreme Mongoose // 7:14 PM


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