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Monday, January 19, 2004:

Longest post ever. I've been randomly adding to this list for awhile...thought I'd post it now, before it became a real monster...(this is of course, by no means everything I like or enjoy. this list is the product of a weeks worth of random thoughts)

Things I like: (in no particular order):

-Crushing packets of Saltines, then dispensing the powder over chili
-shooting straw wrappers at people I’m fond of (this is especially fun when done stealthily in fancy restaurants)
-plastic straw wrappers (reusable!)
-old toasters
-lollipops/candy canes/hard candy
-Blowing Bubbles (gum, soap, you name it)
-Gel Pens
-calligraphy pens
-bottles of calligraphy ink
-Drawing cars when it’s a little cold outside
-the color the leaves turn in fall
-jumping in huuuge piles of the aforementioned leaves repeatedly
-everything in the Levenger catalogue
-making cheesecake
-cooking in general
-swimming for hours
-organizing collections
-things that glow in the dark
-hot tea
-the whistle of my electric tea kettle
-Skippy Superchunk peanut butter
-see through vinyl boxes
-blindingly bright colors
-sticky gift wrap bows
-the smell of a freshly opened box of 99 Crayola Crayons
-Digital Cameras
-the smell of fresh-cut flowers
-fun panties
-the feel of silk
-the sounds of the beach during a storm
-the sound of rain
-getting completely soaking wet playing in the rain
-walking the dogs
-cuddling with a kitty (or 2 or 3...)
-snuggling/being snuggled
-perfectly ripe watermelon
-retro appliances
-blue mascara
-the moment right as the sun is sinking into the ocean
-the smell of old books
-walking into room containing vast quantities of books
-80’s toys/cartoons
-graphic novels
-coding HTML in SimpleText, for no reason other than obstinancy
-Blank Journals
-The Batmobile
-textured paper
-the feel of getting squirted on a hot day
-going down a slip n slide
-snowball fights
-the sensation of biting into a bouncyball (ok, I don’t do that anymore, since it renders bouncyballs useless...but when I was little I could never resist the urge)
-leaning on a cool building when it’s hot out
-really big christmas lights
-rubber stamps
-ink pads in every color of the rainbow
-getting messy while doing an art project
-painting the house (shhhhhhhh don’t tell my dad!)
-being woken up by sunlight in the morning
-standing in the backyard and just listening
-peeking in tidepools
-poking sea anemones
-running full tilt down the beach for no reason
-coming up with silly/nonsensical things to do with friends, and videotaping it (PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
-Monty Python
-Whirlpool bathtubs
-the scent of homemade chocolate chip cookies wafting through the house at midnight...
-and everyone waking up and descending on the kitchen
-making sugar cookies and using 50 different cookie cutters
-holding a warm puppy
-long conversations with lots of hot cocoa
-The scent of freshly opened Easter Lilies (my home city grows 99% of the worlds Easter Lilies) *takes a deep sniff * mmmmm
-crisp fall air
-frolicking at the beach
-finger painting
-They Might Be Giants
-putting the first sketch in a blank sketchbook
-freshly sharpened pencils
-really good grapes
-Christmas Trees
-vacuuming patterns into the carpet
-blue staples
-Reading for hours on end
-not having anything pressing to do
-going to the park
-strawberry cider
-stainless steel chopsticks
-cute earrings
-chinese takeout boxes
-well designed playgrounds
-Carpenters Pencils (those weird flat ones)

Like I said, longest post ever.

Did you actually make it to the end?

Supreme Mongoose // 10:15 PM


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