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Friday, January 02, 2004:

My little bro shorted out his telephone jack yesterday. It was great because he was yelling at me about how the internet had suddenly quit working, and wanted me to fix it (I’m the computer literate person in my house) so I did an idiot test, and checked the phone - lo and behold, no dial tone. So I check to see if something shorted- unplug all the phones then plug them in again one at a time. kitchen phone, check, my phone, check, Bens phone...*chk* no dial tone. So Dad checks Bens phone cord...and finds where it’s pinched between his mattress and bed frame- there was a nice black burn mark right there on the cord. Ben tries using another phone cord...*chk*... he fried his jack, and can’t use internet/the phone in his room. Muahahahaha!!! Karma, right there, for him being a jackass to me all day. *grin*

In other news, since the storm last night, the western-ish side of my state has been having some power troubles. It turns out that some of the main lines up near Reedsport were damaged, and Bonneville (the power plant company) wasn’t going to give our entire COUNTY power, because they wanted to route it elsewhere, but our power company got pissed, so they did turn on some of our grids. Our house lost power from 1:30-3am, and it turns out we’ve been lucky to have power all day today- about half the city won’t get their power back until tonight, or even tomorrow night. Yuck. I noticed when I was driving around tonight running some errands that you can tell which parts of town don’t have power, because there are no streetlights on those streets- everything is pitch black. It’s weird to go from a lit street, to a dark street, back to a lit street...

Other stuff I did today, in no particular order:
-bought a portable MiniDisc recorder
-talked to Ash
-got harassed by my brother, again
-got nagged at by my mom to clean the entire kitchen. What are my parents, helpless? every time I come back on break, that’s one of the top requests. >_< blah. So I get a feeling I’ll be doing that tomorrow...


Supreme Mongoose // 9:15 PM


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