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Saturday, January 24, 2004:

Oh, the Joys of Winter...

When I woke up this afternoon and decided to go take a shower, I noticed a sign on the door saying the Quads were having water problems, and that we needed to conserve water. So I go in and try to turn on the shower- nothing. So I go back to my room, and as I'm sitting there, wondering what happened, an announcement comes over the intercom... "Quads residents, the building has no water of any kind. Please do not attempt to use the toilets, showers, washing machines, or sinks. If you need to use the bathroom or showers, please go to the Rec center". Right, like I'm going to go over to the Rec center to take a shower and use the bathroom. Don't think so. So I asked my RA what was going on, and she said the water main to the quads had broken. So I IM'd a friend in another building, and now I'm over here, having just taken a shower and gotten some lunch.

Kinda icky to think that 1/10th of the student population (2,000 people) don't have any water right now...this sucks.

Supreme Mongoose // 1:59 PM


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