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Monday, February 16, 2004:

Hello and Welcome to the BGSZOO!

That’s right, today, Presidents Day (a day we SHOULD have off from school) is Preview Day here at BGSU, which means we have hordes of prospective students and their equally clueless families wandering around campus, some on guided tours, others mucking about and looking lost. The real reason we have class today is because we (the students) are part of the show. I was eating lunch in the SunDial (cafeteria) only moments ago, and herd after herd of visitors filed past me and my fellow diners, looking at us curiously, as if to say, “look honey! real live college students in their natural habitat!”
Ugh. They’re also wandering the dorms, stopping in front of our bathrooms, “move dammit, I gotta go!”, and generally clogging up the works. The one and only upside of preview day is that Dining Services is trying to impress, so we actually get a decent selection of food that actually tastes almost good for a day, but other than that it’s pretty worthless.

Over and Out.

Supreme Mongoose // 11:01 AM


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