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Wednesday, February 11, 2004:

The thing I hate most about being woken up and going back to sleep is that I always have really vivid, weird dreams afterwards. I had a very strange one yesterday morning after being woken up by a phone call at 9am and going back to sleep till 1030am. It stuck with me, so I wrote it down right after I woke up.

The Dream:

The setting was inside a club/medieval thing/movie theater/chinese restaurant, and there were lots of people dancing, but they all had movie theater seats behind them if they wanted to sit down. I was up in a balcony with my roommate looking down, and we had theater style seats as well. I was looking down at the people, and I kept seeing people I knew dancing and talking with their backs to me. The music was a band playing very convincing covers of REM songs, and I couldn’t see the band. Along the opposite wall down below there was a row of chinese restaurant booths with one person at each booth dressed in period Chinese dress with one plate of food per person, and people in those red asian kimono tops servers wear at Chinese restaurants seated at the ends of each booth facing out. Then my friend Paul showed up in a brown silk paisley graduation robe looking thing and was spinning around, then Jessica came out from under his robe and started dancing around, then trying to put her shoes on. Meanwhile, out of nowhere some white guy with pale blond hair showed up on a white horse dressed like a rap version of a medieval king, and he started rapping about medieval England. While that was going on one of the club staff members yelled 'there can only be one queen' and took Jessica away on a pony. Then I looked over at my roommate and she had somehow slipped through the lower rail on the balcony and was barely hanging on. I couldn't reach her hand, so I was yelling for help, and the people next to us were giving us weird looks, and that’s when I woke up, still freaking out.

How’s that for weird?

Supreme Mongoose // 6:05 AM


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