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Wednesday, March 17, 2004:

I know, I know, I haven’t updated in an age, but I’ve been busy...without further ado, here’s the update:

The Friday before spring break (March 5th) I went to Madison, Wisconsin with some other paleontology majors to a Paleo conference where graduate students from many different schools (including BG) were presenting their research. There were a lot of interesting topics (and a few notsointeresting ones) that were covered- everything from dinosaurs to fossil cheetahs. After that I got dropped off in Chicago for the start of spring break.

This is my 3rd consecutive year of staying with my relatives in Chicago for spring break, and it was a blast! My aunt (who shares a house with 4 guys- my uncle, 2 cousins, and grandpa) was thrilled to have another girl around and spoiled me rotten. We went shopping and made fun bath stuff (soap, shower gel, bath fizzies, you name it). In between hanging out with my aunt, frolicking with my cousins (one of whom is on break from the military, so it was exciting to see him), and going to see the current architectural projects my uncle was working on, I pretty much had the run of the house, which was really nice. It was great to have my own room, which, lucky me – my room also housed 2 futons, a big screen TV, the N64, digital cable, and a nice fast computer with DSL hookup- which meant I spent as much time as I could with Ash (=^_^=), and played Gunbound late into the night. w00t! But spring break went by waaaay too fast, and on Sunday (March 14th) I caught a ride back to school with 3 other paleo majors that were in Chicago for break. Getting all our stuff into Lauras tiny little car was a squeeze, but we managed- even though I was sitting nearly cross-legged for 5 hours, it was still better than paying for a train ticket.

On Monday, school picked up like it had never left off- I have a lab due Thursday, a lab due Monday, a paper to write, a midterm today, etc. There was also a Tuba Studio concert last night- we did a combined concert with the Bassoon studio, and it went pretty well, which was a relief, since there were some issues that popped up right before the concert- we found out Monday night that one of our lead Euphonium players managed to injure himself over break during the Mens Chorus tour...the story goes that he was showing off, and did the splits- the first time fine, but when they asked him to do it again- kapow, he ripped one of the tendons in his leg. So we had to find an emergency replacement for him, but fortunately, we did, and the concert was fine.

After the concert, I intended to work on my lab, but those intentions were thwarted when a bunch of my friends came over to visit, and we all wound up hanging out in Sami and Patricks room, catching up, and eventually watching DVD’s of The Muppet Show late into the night, until I realized I needed to start studying for my jazz midterm...

Anyway, that’s the past week-and-a-halfs update- with any luck I’ll find time to start updating this thing a little more regularly again so I don’t have to flood it with mondo entries.


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