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Friday, March 19, 2004:

On the Subject of Elevator Repair

The elevator in my dorm has been out of service since half-way through last semester. It’s affectionately referred to as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” elevator, as it is a very, very old freight elevator. You open a giant square door and step into the dimly lit elevator, face to face with an ancient plaque stating, “This elevator is for frieght only, and no persons may use it except for the frieght operator”. Then you turn around, and once the door swings shut, depress the button for the floor you want to go to. A metal grate slides across the opening, and off you go – clunk...clunk...clunk...

Well, last semester the elevator standards people decided our elevator failed their safety test. So the elevator was closed, and a notice posted about how “it takes time to get bids for the renovations to be done”, etc. People suddenly found themselves not being able to have handicapped family and friends up to their rooms, and we all started wondering just how we would move out at the end of the year, since it was estimated that the repairs wouldn’t happen until the Fall 2004 semester. However, when we came back from spring break, we were greeted with an elevator in the process of being repaired.

We found that elevator repair is an inherently nasty thing for all concerned. Two days ago, painful winch noises could be heard from an area where men in white jumpsuits crawled around in the elevator shaft. Then the nastiest part started. Apparently elevator work is accompanied by a STRONG smell of burning rubber. So now the entire dorm smells like someone just burnt the belts off of a million vacuum cleaners, not to mention the disquieting groans coming from the elevator.

With any luck, the repairs wont take much longer, and we’ll have “Rocky” back with us soon. After all, what other elevator on campus can you scare the bejeezus out of your friends in?

Supreme Mongoose // 6:34 PM


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