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Thursday, April 01, 2004:


I know I haven’t been updating very much, and here’s why:

My Life until April 12th:

Friday, April 2nd: -Group Theory Presentation
-Theory Composition Performance
-Sediment/Stratigraphy Exam

Saturday, April 3rd: -Sed/Strat Field Trip
Sunday, April 4th: -Tuba/Euph concert at a festival

Monday, April 5th: Jazz Exam

Tuesday, April 6th: -Tuba Lesson

Wednesday, April 7th: -Sed/Strat Article Critique Due

Thursday, April 8th: -Sed/Strat Lab Due
-Art Book Project Due

Friday, April 9th: -Jazz Listening Exam

Saturday & Sunday=writing jazz paper

Monday, April 12th: -Massive Jazz Paper due

Not to mention I have to practice for juries, and get an accompanist, and practice for my piano proficiency exam, and get ready for field camp, and line up a job for after field camp, and,and,and.....

I’m going to die... X_X

I also found out due to my whacked out class schedule, I’m going to be here for a semester longer than I had planned. Dammit.

I’m just trying not to let myself get overwhelmed with all this stuff. If you see me mumbling a list of stuff I have to do, please come give me a hug or a back rub or something so I don’t die of stress...I'm really, really tense. (Thanks in advance.)

Back to studying for sed/strat now....

Supreme Mongoose // 9:08 PM


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