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Saturday, May 15, 2004:

I'm still alive!

Granted, I haven't updated in over a month, but I've been kinda busy...

Finals went pretty well- my end of the semester grades were good overall, what with getting an 'A' in my sediment and stratigraphy class (woohoo!) as well as an 'A' in Theory 4!! (there were other A's as well, but those were the most notable ^_^)

At the moment I'm staying at my friend Jen's house until geology field camp at the end of this month. Moving out of the dorms was kinda hard, mostly because I have waaay too much stuff, but it's nice to be out (well, except for not having lightning fast 'net anymore). The other thing I miss about BG is that there, I could talk to Ash pretty much all the time. Here at Jen's it's a lot harder for us to find time to talk to each other, which sucks. I miss my Ash. ;_;

As for what I've been up to at Jen's:
As of tomorrow I will have been here for a week. Overall my visit has been fun, but pretty uneventful - although we usually find at least one thing to get up to every day, even if it is just shopping for field camp supplies. Yesterday was a little different though- Jen's grandma took us out to dinner at Red Lobster, and gave us matching 'dinosaur' keychains. After that we stopped by Michaels craft store for Jen to exchange a few things, then Lowes hardware to check for a rock hammer for Jen. After that we went to the
SkyView Drive-In, (a drive-in movie theater that was built in 1948) and watched 2 movies- Secret Window (bleh, I'm not a big steven king fan, even if it is just a 'thriller' and has Johnny Depp in it), and Van Helsing (the real reason we went). Van Helsing was good fun- loads of action!

Anyway, I need to get going now- Jen's mom is driving us back to BG for a GeoJourney picnic/meeting. (Geojourney is the program Jen will be involved in for the first part of fall semester.)

(Sorry the update was kind of disjointed- since I've been a bad girl as far as updating regularly, I had a lot of random information to throw out.)

Adios Amigos!

Supreme Mongoose // 8:59 AM


Comments have changed folks- Blogger now supports its own comments! however- to make a comment, you have to click on the time of the post near my name it appears. hmmm...
w00t!! Way to go Jane! On all the stuff!! Sorry that we haven't had much time to talk lately - I really do miss you too, as you already know. Seeing you while you're at Jen's is hard, but I'm thankful that we have at least SOME time to talk. I can't wait for when you go home (to Oregon) after field camp! I'll be on holidays then, so I can stay up late, and we can chat as much as we want to! And even though I'm excited about you going back to OR, so that we can chat more regularly again, I'm even more excited about December! =^_^=

integrated comments... patrick is confused.

can't wait to see you guys tonight. later, yo.
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