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Monday, June 21, 2004:

Car Update:
The car is a silver, 1989 Ford Probe Turbo GT (so it looks like the second picture), and...it has a cd player!! woohoo! It also has a (what I call)"trailer trash vanilla" car freshener in it, so I'm glad I bought the chocolate scented monkey head to replace it with.

Field Camp Update:
Today must've been "crazy ass weather" day- We went out into the field at about 9/930am, and it went from cold and overcast for about 15 minutes to hot and sunny for a bit...then overcast and cold again...then about 10 minutes of rain...after which we went back to hot, then got snowed on...then hot again...Then 3 solid hours of thunder, lightning, and downpouring rain (which got rid of the mosquito legions at least), then 30 minutes before we left it got...hot and sunny again. Freaking bizarre.

Only 7 days til the final! woohoo!

over and out.

Supreme Mongoose // 5:31 PM


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