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Thursday, June 17, 2004:

Something of the Vehicular Nature

I talked to my mom on the phone the other day and discovered that I now have a car of my very own to drive around while I'm at home. My parents bought a Ford Probe Turbo GT off of one of my moms employees for $1000, because apparently the insurance is cheaper for me to be driving that, rather than being on the Insurance for our suburban and mazda Protege 5. works for me- wont have to share the truck with my dad any more, or even ask permission...but I wonder if I have to pay for the gas? hmmm...

I have no idea what it looks like, other than that it's a stick shift (manual), it's "silver wait no champagne i dunno" (according to my mom), and it's in pretty decent shape- over 200,000 miles though, and probably not good enough to take out to school, but oh well. It also apparently has "a good stereo". I'm hoping this means at least a tape deck so I can hook up my cd player (I think it's too much to hope that it already has a built in cd player.

While I'm in Durango, I've decided to see if I can find some funky bumperstickers for it (bwahaha) or at least an oddly shaped car freshener to hang from the mirror, since the interior, while in good shape, may potentially smell a bit funky. I saw one (a car freshener) shaped like the head of a grinning monkey "cheeky chimp" in a shop the other day, so I may go for that, just out of silliness.

Anyhoo, it's kind of exciting that I'll be going home to a car...I'm not sure what year it is, but it probably looks somewhat like
This or maybe like This.

Supreme Mongoose // 6:10 PM


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