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Wednesday, June 16, 2004:

Well, Field Camp has arrived in Durango, Colorado. We'll be staying here in the dorms at Fort Lewis College for the final 2 weeks of camp. It's excellent to have access to technology again- not just computers, but also laundry...beds...doors...

The trip has been pretty awesome so far- It's really hard work though. Our days off have been a lot of fun, which is what I think is keeping most of us sane.

I'm going to do this in Highlights form, because I'm getting tired of typing:

-There's a crazy old woman from Texas named Ann. She's ancient and insane. no one can stand her because not only is she mental, she's incredibly rude, yet expects us to be polite to her. I wont even start listing her disgusting habits, because they will scar you for life.

-We do loaaaaads of structural geology. Mappingmappingmapping. ugh. Note to self: never become a structural geologist.

-New Mexico is a giant sand box. What isn't sand, is cacti. ouch. and they have no grass.

-granite is a real bitch to climb around on. it scrapes you like none other.

-one of our main tent poles for our giant canvas tent (me jen and megans anyway) broke, and we had to ghetto rig it by putting a large tree branch in the tent to hold it up, as well as tie the rear rope to a tree.

-The Great Sand Dunes are very surreal, and a wonderful place to make sand castles.

- We went to Florissant Fossil Beds and I found some cool bug fossils.

-went rafting in the Royal Gorge in colorado (professional class 5 rapids) and I fell out in one called "The Sledgehammer"- went through 2 sets of it- and kept my paddle. impressed the hell out of the guide by not panicking and saying it was fun (it was!)

-I'll probably publish an edited version of my camp journal on here when I get back for everyones entertainment. whee!


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