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Friday, December 03, 2004:

*waves at the nothing*

This is just a possibly short post to say that I'm still alive, and I do intend to post in here again, and on a regular basis (although maybe not til next semester). This semester has been total madness, with all kinds of events from good through very, very bad. Right now it's kind of in "bad" mode, what with finals week coming up and all, so if this post seems a bit more discombobulated than usual, it's the stress talking.

and now, just because I feel like it- a list of info and events that have happened this semester that I would've mentioned in my blog if I had had time to update it. these probably won't be in order...and by no means will it be at all complete.

-I'm living in a suite with 5 other girls (which means the privacy factor is nil)
-I have a cordless phone
-German is easy and fun (and watching some of the more...challenged people in my class try to wrap their brain around a language that isn't ohio english is a hoot)
-I'm going to England for Christmas Break
-A good friend from home died in a nasty, one car accident over fall break, and i'm definitely not over it ( i still can't believe he's gone)
-my dog keeps having health scares
-I don't want to be a structural geologist when I grow up
-I hate how weird being stressed out makes me
-I miss my friends at home
-trigonometry is a little pointless, and it's getting worse (not to mention harder) by the chapter (and we're only on the 3rd one)
-I'm going to get a music minor (rather than major) along with the paleo major so I can graduate in 06
-I look better than I used to
- cinemax (skinemax) in the wee hours is damn funny (especially when you watch it with your roomies and make snide commentary)
-Orange Fanta and Coke together= amazingly good
-I might learn to ice skate next semester (and not with a folding chair for support!)
-I'm still really bad at this whole "layering" thing ( i hate layers, raaawr)
-on the plus side, I understand scarves now
-I miss the ocean and the west coast in general
-I want to make cookies

There's more where that came from, but I'm tired of trying to think.

Did I say short?

Yeah, that was a lie. Sorry.

Supreme Mongoose // 6:11 PM


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