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Sunday, April 24, 2005:

Weird Nightmare...

I had a really bizarre nightmare on Friday night- seems like it would be good fodder for my much neglected blog, so here goes:

I was out on this huge wooden porch that was attached to our house, and I had my grandmas suitcase, because we were having her sleep on the porch since it was nice out. There were benches all around the edge of the porch, and there was a mattress for her on one of them, but instead of a sheet it was wrapped in a big black trash bag. There was also a bathroom sink and some kind of countertop. Then the weather got bad and my grandma came up the steps and started yelling at me that she didn't want to sleep outside afterall because it wasn't nice anymore, so my dad told me to take her suitcase inside. Then I was in this little room with a cement floor and all these electronic games scattered around that didn't work, and my dad said maybe it was because of the cold snap, which seemed reasonable to me at the time. So then I walked into the kitchen, and I saw this giant centipede looking thing- maybe 4 or 5 feet long, huge and bright red crawling around in one side of the kitchen sink, and my mom was making chocolate chip cookie dough in the other side of the sink, paying no attention to it. So I was kinda weirded out, and kept trying to get her attention to make her look at it, but she just ignored me. Then it went into her side of the sink, except it shrank down to this short, round lobstery sort of thing- really freakish looking- and started crawling around on the cookie dough. So she stepped back, and then it got on her somehow and was running around. I yelled for my dad to come get it, and as he came in, my mom put her hand up- and the thing turned into this blue fish with bulging human eyes and giant teeth, and started hovering in front of her hand and snapping at it. For some reason I couldn't move, so I was just standing there staring at it and being terrified. Then my dad put up his hand and it went over to him and started doing the same thing. Then he pulled out a pocket knife and tried to stab it, but he could only stab straight ahead and couldn't get it. Then suddenly he moved his elbow and stabbed it in the head, at which point I woke up and I was screaming into my pillow, which just added to the nightmare quality of the whole thing.

And that was that.


Supreme Mongoose // 5:49 PM


Monday, February 14, 2005:

Word Up, New Semester

Well, it's just over a month into Spring semester now, so since I said I'd update regularly this semester, here's my first stab at it.

First off, the classes I'm taking are:
-German 2
-History (Modern America)
-Calculus 1a
-Tuba Ensemble
-Tuba Lessons

Tuba E.=Business as Usual
Tuba Lesson=Dixie!

um...back to calc hw.


Supreme Mongoose // 6:03 PM


Saturday, December 11, 2004:

The Joy of Finals Compels You.

Well, finals week is here again, and I seem to have lucked out- only one final per day, hurrah!.

Finals Schedule:
Monday: Trigonometry, 1:15-3:15pm
Tuesday: Jury, 3:06-3:12pm
Wednesday: Structural Geology, 8:30-10:30am
Thursday: German, 5:00-7:00pm
Friday: Leave the Country, 1:45pm

That's right, I'm flying to England this coming Friday! I'll be there for the entire length of my break, which ends after the first week of January. It'll be a little odd to be away from home for Christmas, but it'll be a lot of fun.

Right. Back to studying for Trig...

Supreme Mongoose // 5:13 PM


Friday, December 10, 2004:

The squirrels are looking especially mangy today...

Well, it's the end of the 1st semester of my 4th and first senior year here at BG, and things are finally starting to go the way I want them to. Next semester my Tuba lessons will no longer be for credit or a grade, but they'll be going in the direction I want them to- dixie and jazz playing. In todays lesson, my teacher outlined what we'll be doing next semester- Namely memorizing melodies and eventually changes from leadsheets of jazz/dixie standards, as well as improving my improvisational/soloing skills. He knows a big band leader in a nearby community, so we'll also be going to their sessions- at first sitting in and listening (identifying changes/tunes, etc.), and eventually playing and possibly even soloing with them, which I'm really excited about. The reason for all this goodness finally arriving is kind of a weird one- I'm ditching my performance major, as it's been nothing but a pain in the butt (and I was going to graduate in Paleobiology first, anyway.) in it's place I'll be tacking on a music minor, which I only need 2 more classes to obtain. I really wish I had done this my second semester of school when I saw what a load of BS the music bureaucracy here was, but I was convinced by my teacher at the time to stick with it. Oh well, no use crying over spilt beverages.

Once Christmas break hits (Dec. 17th) I won't be writing in here until next semester, but I have a funny feeling next semesters updates will be regular, so don't forget to check back if you have any interest in reading about my scintillating life and anything else I decide to fling in here at random.


Supreme Mongoose // 1:47 PM


Friday, December 03, 2004:

*waves at the nothing*

This is just a possibly short post to say that I'm still alive, and I do intend to post in here again, and on a regular basis (although maybe not til next semester). This semester has been total madness, with all kinds of events from good through very, very bad. Right now it's kind of in "bad" mode, what with finals week coming up and all, so if this post seems a bit more discombobulated than usual, it's the stress talking.

and now, just because I feel like it- a list of info and events that have happened this semester that I would've mentioned in my blog if I had had time to update it. these probably won't be in order...and by no means will it be at all complete.

-I'm living in a suite with 5 other girls (which means the privacy factor is nil)
-I have a cordless phone
-German is easy and fun (and watching some of the more...challenged people in my class try to wrap their brain around a language that isn't ohio english is a hoot)
-I'm going to England for Christmas Break
-A good friend from home died in a nasty, one car accident over fall break, and i'm definitely not over it ( i still can't believe he's gone)
-my dog keeps having health scares
-I don't want to be a structural geologist when I grow up
-I hate how weird being stressed out makes me
-I miss my friends at home
-trigonometry is a little pointless, and it's getting worse (not to mention harder) by the chapter (and we're only on the 3rd one)
-I'm going to get a music minor (rather than major) along with the paleo major so I can graduate in 06
-I look better than I used to
- cinemax (skinemax) in the wee hours is damn funny (especially when you watch it with your roomies and make snide commentary)
-Orange Fanta and Coke together= amazingly good
-I might learn to ice skate next semester (and not with a folding chair for support!)
-I'm still really bad at this whole "layering" thing ( i hate layers, raaawr)
-on the plus side, I understand scarves now
-I miss the ocean and the west coast in general
-I want to make cookies

There's more where that came from, but I'm tired of trying to think.

Did I say short?

Yeah, that was a lie. Sorry.

Supreme Mongoose // 6:11 PM


Sunday, July 18, 2004:

urgh.  wow. blogger changed again. I'm going to post my field camp journal in here soon I think.


Supreme Mongoose // 12:39 AM


Monday, June 28, 2004:

This is what happens when your brain melts from a geology overdose...

Last night Kathleen (my partner for the final project) and I sat down and tried to work on our report (the project is actually 3 projects in one area- Lime Creek.). We wound up spending most of our time coming up with bogus title pages...

A few of the gems:

THELime Creek Projects Report
Damn Skippy!

A story of the ancient jungle in four parts.
A love story about three apes and their favorite chimpanzee.
Coming to a shitty geology report near you!

The Lime Creek Project!

This is not actually the title page of our report. Do not be alarmed. We are not responsible for any conditions resulting from turning the page. Do not run for the hills. Do not give us an 'F'. Laugh. Turn the page and forget you ever saw this figment of insanity. This faux cover page will self-destruct when this report is thrown away. This product is not to be used by pregnant women. Paper does not enable reader to fly. This report is not on Rite in the Rain paper, please don't take it in the shower. Contents under pressure, open away from face. This report is intended for ages 3 and up. Please read responsibly. Do not put over face, may cause suffocation. By all means, mix with alcohol. Seriously. We mean that. This report is not intended for use above 11,000 feet in altitude. Fabric softener not recommended. This report is best read while in your happy place. Dishwasher safe. Always transport upright. Do not read while operating heavy machinery. May cause drowsiness. Do not read and drive. For external use only. In case of accidental ingestion, please contact your local poison control center. May cause lung cancer. Serving Suggestion: beer. Lots. For best results, squeeze from the bottom of the tube. Shouldn't you be reading the actual report now??


In a moment of actual insanity, we decided to put that last one on the front of our report, over the actual title page. We may decide otherwise, who knows.

Okay, back to studying.

Supreme Mongoose // 8:34 AM

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